Training 1.5 meters museum experience

How to open a museum with the 1.5 meter distance control.

Art Salvage provides advice and helps implement the preliminary protocol for safe and responsible reopening of your museum.

In this workshop the following topics will be discussed:
  • Preliminary protocol for safe and responsible reopening of museums
  • Proactive action in the interim protocol
  • Perceive
  • Environmental norm and behaviour
  • Communication and proactive security
The following issues are addressed:
  • Communication both internally and externally
  • Conditions to be open safely and responsibly for the time being
  • What capacity (10 m2 per person or company)
  • Disinfection
  • Hygiene measures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Route planning
  • Separating routes
  • In and outward visitors
  • Visitor appointments
  • Staff appointments
  • Third party appointments
  • Security
  • Checkout
  • Information desk
  • Exhibition halls
Gerard Elshoff

Gérard Elshoff

Gérard has a security background at the Ministry of Justice & Security and has worked for over 13 years as Head of Security in several museums including Teylers Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt House. Training is his passion and that’s why he made the switch to the coaching profession two years ago. He is affiliated with the Ministry of Justice & Safety and also gives training at Art Salvage.

Gérard has been involved in the development and implementation of Predictive Profiling, recognizing deviant behaviour in the museum sector. Among other things, he used it in the Van Gogh Museum. Art Salvage has now included this methodology in its training package.

Anke Van Achter

Anke Van Achter

As a painting restorer and conservation consultant, she has a very different view of collection and business services than Gérard Elshoff. Through her experience it has become clear to her how a good preparation for calamities can prevent a lot of collateral damage. Through Art Salvage, Anke therefore contributes to spreading as much knowledge as possible within our Art Academy.

Organisation under the corona measures

The training is held with a limit of participants, we enter the training with a maximum of 5 participants. We make sure that 10m2 per participant is guaranteed according to the rules. In addition, the wearing of mouth masks is mandatory, but no need we provide you with the necessary protective equipment. This money also for the necessary disinfectants.

Daily schedule

The duration of the training is 3 hours for 5 people, this means that we can train a group of 10 people on 1 day.

Where does the training go?

26 Long Shopping Street
2060 Antwerp


Price p.p 250 euros excl. Vat