Integrated risk management

Services for the integrated risk management of the collections we want to preserve. Such integrated risk management is the foundation of all collection care. The aim is to take measures to minimise risks.




Art Salvage offers a wide range of services and products to prevent or minimizethe potential risks associated with managing a collection.

For example, you can contact us for protection systems of objects, preventive preservation that will secure future storage, calamity services (offered at different levels), CHV kits, IPM and germination measurements,the preparation of collection emergency plans and risk analyses,…

Because of the uniqueness of each collection, we always provide a personalized approach. So if you have a question about which you do not find any information, do not hesitate to contactus. We like to develop a tailor-made plan and work together to find a solution to every problem.

Results for your organization:

  • Less damage by detecting and removing the damage factor
  • Clear guidelines to limit risks
  • A structured approach, at European level
  • Immediate damage reduction
  • Treat the objects when damage has occurred

Our services:



Security art

Preparedness in case of calamities (24/7)