The restoration of an object goes beyond conservation. Where conservation strives to preserve the object, restoration goes a step further: during restoration, the object is restored to a certain extent and ‘made more beautiful’ than it was before the restoration.




Art Salvage bvba moved into a commercial building on the outskirts of Antwerp with many roads that are easily accessible by public transport. The workshop was deployed on security, climate control and air purification.

Restoration at Art Salvage

Each restoration begins with a diagnosis,in which we assess the nature and extent of the damage by means of an optical examination. After this assessment, you will receive a non-binding advice, restoration plan and an overview of costs. Only after this initial research and after consultation with the client will we start working effectively with the restoration. Your valuable work is insured at all times during the work (see our terms and conditions for more information).

A restoration plan may include:

  • Cleaning by removing surface pollution
  • Removal of old & yellowed varnishes
  • Consolidation & bonding of cracks & fractures
  • Filling holes & cracks
  • Retouching damage
  • Advice on the climatic conditions of the space where your artwork hangs.

During the restoration, pictures are taken of the various stages. You will receive this afterwards, together with a restoration report.

The treatment is carried out in accordance with the ethical code of the European Confederation of Conservator – Restorers’ Organisation (E.C.C.O.) which is based on three principles;



We always want to offer the highest possible quality to our customers. We do this by, among other things, further developing our skills by, for example, following additional training/seminars. We also always try to keep up to date with the latest developments in the conservation field.

For all your questions about the restoration of works of various materials, you can always contact us, to look at the possibilities together. Here’s a little look at our conservation and restoration services;