Monitoring of Artworks

Art Salvage regularly receives reports of works of art that have been damaged due to climate change, light or vandalism, or theft. Works of art can be susceptible to various factors (think of the 10 damage factors). A distinction can be made between art in public spaces and art in collections. Outside, works of art are more likely to be defaced by graffiti or fall prey to rowdy local residents. Indoors, on the other hand, works of art are more likely to be high-profit items (illegal works of art), making them attractive to thieves. Besides theft, there are many other damage factors that can be monitored. Art Salvage has been developing systems for both types of objects since 2011.

In recent years, Art Salvage has developed a multi-purpose system aimed at preventively monitoring damage and suitable for artworks of all sizes. The Art Tag's modest dimensions mean that it can be attached, for example, to the back of a picture frame.

The smart (LoRa + Bluetooth) multi-sensor system can be expanded to up to 7 sensors that enable accurate and real-time monitoring. In case of rough handling (too much vibration), movement, wrong temperature or wrong humidity, but also wrong light intensity an alarm signal is triggered and SMS or e-mail messages are sent to the owner of the artwork in question. 

Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you will never miss any data.

A selection of our work

Maintenance art in public space | Knokke-Heist

Art Salvage BE carried out annual maintenance and condition reporting of art in public space on behalf of Beaufort. They organize an art project every three years along the Belgian coast.

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