Microscopic Research

We offer various types of material-technical research. When an object is restored, this can be the perfect moment to examine it more closely. This is often done on the basis of concrete questions that can tell us more about the authenticity, attribution or other art-historical characteristics of the work. But it can also be the case that research is necessary for a responsible and well-considered restoration. 

By looking at the surface of a painting with a microscope, the painting technique can be studied properly. Old restorations can also be traced. Sometimes the microscope is also used as an aid during restoration when this is necessary.

Accurately documents craquelure, loss of pictorial layer and provides insight into the painting technique, such as brush marks and instruments used.

Displays actual images at full size and will serve as a basis for comparison.

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Maintenance art in public space | Knokke-Heist

Art Salvage BE carried out annual maintenance and condition reporting of art in public space on behalf of Beaufort. They organize an art project every three years along the Belgian coast.

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