Condition Assessment & Report

Managing your collection also includes getting a good idea of the current condition of your collection items. Condition checks are often performed when an object is traveling and we need a status report for insurance purposes, among others. A condition report is a written and/or electronically stored report that describes the condition of the artifact based on a close examination of these objects. Combined with photographs and illustrations, the report clearly establishes the physical condition of the art object at the time.

But even more important is knowing the status for proper management.

A condition check and report by Art Salvage Belgium involves an independent assessment of the condition of your art object and/or (partial) collection. Art Salvage Belgium uses digital reports. The information gathered in these reports can be used by various museum professionals. Conservators, curators and collection managers can use this information to determine which objects need the most urgent treatment or to prioritize the treatment of the entire collection.

The condition check involves taking photographs and describing all pre-existing damage for each object in a report. Environmental factors affecting the condition of the object are also included in the report. If necessary, advice regarding the maintenance and restoration the collection needs can be included. An up to date condition report will identify what the objects will need now or in the future to prevent damage. 

The execution of the condition check and report is as follows:

  • Inventory of the condition per object on location.
  • Processing of the inventory in an advisory report (incl. condition report per object with photos)


A selection of our work

Maintenance art in public space | Knokke-Heist

Art Salvage BE carried out annual maintenance and condition reporting of art in public space on behalf of Beaufort. They organize an art project every three years along the Belgian coast.

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