About ART Salvage

Art Salvage Belgium has specialised in the preservation of art and cultural heritage for many years. Starting with Art Conservation founded in 1991 as a paper restoration studio by Piet van Dalen and Jan Stokmans, it now has over 30 years of expertise in the field of conservation, research and restoration within various restoration disciplines: Paintings, Modern & Contemporary Art, Paper & Book, Sculptures, Ceramics and Archaeology. 

In recent years Art Salvage Belgium has developed into a leading organisation in the field of services and products to prevent or minimise the possible risks inherent to managing a collection. One can think of security systems for art or heritage objects, art transport and installation, preventive conservation that secures future preservation, asbestos, IPM, soot penetration and fungus analyses, but also a 24/7 calamity service (in case of water, fire or storm damage), giving advice and drawing up collection emergency plans and risk analyses.

In addition, we provide tailor-made training courses on location and offer training courses that can be followed by the individual professional or, for example, by a team of museum staff members.

European Conservation Group


Art Salvage BV | for advice, consultation, projects in management and conservation, courses and calamities

Art Conservation Europe | for restoration and conservation projects 

Antwerp-Rotterdam Conservation Group B.V.


Art Salvage BVBA | for advice, consultation, management and conservation projects, courses, calamities and restoration/conservation projects