Collection care

Take care of your own archive and collection, how do I take care of my archive and collection? Collection care is what it’s all about for a heritage institution. By dealing with the collection in a good way, expensive conservation interventions can be prevented in the future. Art Salvage is an important partner for the preservation of your collection and assists you in all possible areas.




In order to manage a collection in a responsible way, the preservation of the objects is of great importance. By conservation we mean every action necessary to optimizethe storage conditions of the collection, so that its life can be extended.

Art Salvage puts preventive work first in order to take the best possible care of the (art) objects. Indeed, by taking the right measures and by intervening early, serious future damage can be prevented. We advise on the best storage conditions, climate control

and collection emergency plans

and do climate control, collection inventory,physical collection management, transport,IPM and germination measurements, calamity services and risk analyses.

Because of the uniqueness of each collection, we always provide a personalized approach. So if you have a question about which you do not find any information, do not hesitate to contactus. We like to develop a tailor-made plan and work together to find a solution to every problem.

Results for your organization:

  • Care is taken out of your hands
  • A structured approach, at European level
  • Instant archiving to current standards
  • Transporting the objects with guidance from one of our restorers
  • All the necessary knowledge and equipment available

Depot Management

Collection management